East Bay Mold Inspection, Inc. is your #1 mold testing and inspection company in the East Bay!

If you are looking for a professional service to inspect your home for the possibility of indoor mold growth, we are here to help.  We pride ourselves on being the best around, and top notch customer service to every customer is our main goal.  We are here to ease your concerns and take care of everything for you.  All of our inspectors are certified and trained to bring you the best possible service!


It can be a stressful time when finding out that you may have a mold problem in your home.  Most people are unsure how to go about this kind of a problem, that is where we come in.  We are here to answer each and every question you have along the process of testing and inspecting your home for possible indoor mold growth.  With over 20 years of experience in mold inspections, we are your #1 source for mold inspections in the East Bay.

Many of our clients come to us with very similar issues going on in their homes, whether it is recent water damage, visible growth or they are just looking for some peace of mind in a new or existing home.  We are here to help you feel that peace of mind that it will all be handled.

We have helped people in all of the above situations figure out if they do indeed have a problem in their home, but also how to get it handled quickly. Any inspection that is done without testing is simply a guess at what is going on with your indoor air quality. Our service is so valuable because our air and surface samples offer hard evidence about what is going on in your home or business.


Our mold inspection service offers a full inspection of the property, evaluating for moisture damage and the presence of mold in not only the air but on any suspected surfaces.  We provide you with a fully detailed report of the findings from the 3rd party lab that will explain everything that is going on with the indoor air quality of the home.