East Bay Mold Inspection has over 15 years of experience within our inspection team. We have established ourselves on the leading edge of mold inspection and testing services in the East Bay area. Our businesses #1 goal is to take care of each and every client that contacts us. We have customer service representatives trained and certified in every aspect of mold inspection in order to best serve you.

Our goal is that every client leaves us with the satisfaction knowing that we have taken complete care of them and their home.  Their questions are all answered and they can feel good about knowing the possible air quality problems in their home are being taken care of.

We look to educate every customer about the risks behind indoor mold growth, teach them how it may be affecting them and what the best course of action will be for their current situation.  With every customer service representative being fully trained and certified, we can bring you top-notch service at a great price to get you taken care of.