Our inspection team is trained and certified in mold inspection protocols to find any sources of mold, leaving you with a feeling of releif knowing that if there is something there, we will find it.  Our inspection services come with multiple samples, full detailed report of the findings, and our recommendations on how to take care of it.

How our process works:

1. Schedule An Appointment
2. Visual inspection of the property
3. Air and Surface samples collected throughout the home and in your areas of concern
4. Testing samples are sent to 3rd party lab for analysis
5. Client receives full lab report including lab analysis and detailed information about mold if they were found
6. We provide the client with detailed information on the best course of action to solve the problem


Have an Indoor Mold Problem? Make sure that you are hiring a certified professional to handle this sort of inspection. You never can be too safe when it comes to your family’s health.  Having a professional take care of your mold inspection will make a worlds difference, making sure you are taken care of in the best way possible with correct results of what is going on.

East Bay Mold Inspection inspectors are all specifically trained and certified according to industry standards. Our customers can expect great service from all of our employees regardless of the type of problem that they may be having in their home.

Having Indoor Air Quality concerns? Sneezing all the time? You may have a mold problem in your home. East Bay Mold Inspection is here to help, with our certified inspection team and fully detailed inspection reports, we can give you the answers you are looking for.

Many people come to us asking, “Why do I need a mold inspection if I already know it is mold?” Well the truth is, unless you had the substance tested in a laboratory, there is no way to know that it is in-fact mold. That is where Long Beach Mold Testing comes in, we are here to provide you with a full thorough inspection of your home, sampling throughout the home and comparing them with an outdoor sample. When a mold problem exists in a home, there can be thousands of mold spores throughout the home causing air quality issues. The only way to examine this is with testing protocols designed to test for these particles specifically.